Thursday, June 6, 2013

                                                   "Paper Dolls"

                                                              Spring 2013!

This is the quilt I am currently working on.  I used a piece of flannel fabric as my viewing board.  I simply taped it to the brick wall to lay out my "Paper Dolls" quilt.  I will be adding 1 1/2" burgundy sashing and a 6" border to make it queen size.  I like my quilts to fit over the sides of the bed quite a bit so it's more like a bed spread instead of a coverlet.

One of my 2013 New Years resolutions was to make kits I've been putting to the side.  I may have to extend this resolution by a few years to complete everything I have stored up, but I'm doing good with the whole thing.  This quilt was purchased at the first Paducah Quilt Show I went to three years ago with my dear friends Roy & Susan Hunter.  I still love it and glad to be working on it finally!

A couple of my other resolutions that are going well are: Only speak encouraging words, love my body the way it is today and exercise regularly.  I'm not at 100% with all this but I am making definite improvements!

News Years 2014: Going Paperless!

Here's my Granddaughters - last October.  The Loves Of My Life along with my wonderful husband of course!  He's cute too!

Of course I spoil them.  This is Cara getting a mouthful of Whip Cream!  Don't tell her Mom or Dad!  Although it wouldn't surprise them for sure!

Life is good here at the Stillman Inn.  Galena is still my most favorite City.  Every season is gorgeous.  We've been doing a lot of upgrades!  I got a new kitchen floor, we've built custom cabinets for the rooms and created better themes.  For example, the Royalty II and III both have a crown, tiara and septor in the room for the guests.  They love wearing their hats to breakfast and it is great fun!  Who knew?

Come see us some time and I'll show you the rest of my quilts!  815 777-0557

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas mom and I were part of a cookie exchange! We had 15 friends who made at least 4 dozen of one type of cookie. We ended up with three of each variety. Nice selection and yummy!

I knitted a stocking hat for a friends new baby, Dillon. Cant wait to see it on him!

Hope you all had Happy Holidays!

Oh yes, we also made gingerbread houses with friends. Gotta live that!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We had to go to Madison to see it but it is exactly as I remember it!

Been busy starting Tea Room at the Stillman Inn but will be back on line shortly. Visiting nephew Joe at his restaurant, Diggitys, when storm came in. Trying to bottle some of it to take back to Galena!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tea Room Tour 2011

Well we did it!  Mom and I set a goal to visit six Tea Rooms in Tampa in six days and we did it!

"You gotta have a dream to have a dream come true"

That's how it  started during one of Moms visits with me last summer.  I was looking through a "Tea Room" magazine and noticed that Tampa FL has several Tea Rooms in or close by Tampa. 
So, this November we flew to Tampa, stayed at a lovely condo at Sailport, rented a black Crown Victoria, turned on the Garmin and began a terrific adventure!

The first to visit was "The Royal Tea Room"

What a great way to start.  Each Tea Room had it's own style and their own specialty tea sandwiches and finger pastries.  Even the scones were different at each Tea Room. 

Prices ranged from $16.95/guest to $20.95

Each room had a variety of hats to use, because of course you have to wear a fancy hate while taking tea.

A List of the Tea Rooms we visited:
The Royal Tea Room & Gift Shoppe, Tampa, FL
Tea Rose Cottage, Ybor, FL
Camellia Rose Tea Room and boutique, Plant City, FL
Simply Country Gifts & Southern Belles Tea Room, Plant City, FL
Milk N Honey Tea room, Tampa, FL
The Empress Tea Room & Bistro, Tampa, FL

Each Tea Room was unique.  They had their special finger sandwiches, scones and pastries.  We love the presentation. When they set the 3 tier tray on the table they get to go over all their specialties.  It's great.

Most served a variety of teas, some served the "tea of the day" which was fine as well.  I mean, after all, that is how they do it in England...right?!

This was a lovely tea room.  Can you see the swan cream puffs on the top tier of the tray?  Simply beautiful.

Of course we couldn't resist the cabana on the beach after all that hard work.  Lucky for me they were selling soft pretzels.  Love those soft pretzels!

Plan a Tea Room visit with someone you love!  You will love it.  Bring a hat!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Being Domestic

Wow! It has been some time since I've posted. We have been so busy getting the harvest in, canning, freezing, spinning, crafting for the various Fall Festivals and craft shows, is it any wonder we have not had time to sit and write?
I recently dyed and spun some Llama. I decided to go with a three-ply so purchased an extra Lazy Kate to ply from - it worked like a dream! Then, I dyed it the colors my sister wanted since I was planning to crochet her a scarf. I used Rit dye and placed the dye in three deep bowls and put a section of the yarn skene in each so there were three colors, with some color bleeding up into the edges of the new color - sage green, light purple and blue. Then, I paired the Llama with a creamy silk yarn I had spun some time ago, to give a sheen to it. It turned out so well. I'll try to get that picture, too.
With Thanksgiving around the corner, I've been getting recipes together - some traditional, some new. A friend has a recipe for stuffing a small pumpkin with a variety of fruits - I think that will be yummy. Lots of family coming this year! Trying to decide what game to play at the end of the day - always a fun time with lots of laughter and good natured competition while we eat our pie - pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan.
We have so much to thank God for, it is hard to know where to begin but I think having an amazing family is at the top of the list, with good friends a close second! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Colors have Started!

The Color is Coming, The Color is Coming!

It's not often that we have time enough to go for a walk this time of the year.  But I did and I enjoyed it greatly. 

First I stopped by the civil war encampment going on at the bottom of our hill.  I just love the smell of a campfire.

I continued on my way to Grant's park and saw this beautiful tree.

I stopped in the park and knitted for a while and in the meantime I had the joy of seeing a train go by, bikers, walkers and canoers!  What fun. There was also a busload of screaming kid sin the park on some kind of day trip.  They were cute but they sure yell a lot!

I continued on my merry way to the Farmers Market.  The market house there had quilts on display so that was an extra plus I did not expect.

I AM IN SEARCH OF PINK LADY APPLES.  If you know where I can get one, please tell me.   They sound so yummy.  I'm planning on canning some Apple pie filling this year.  It's been fun canning.  My favorite book in that arena is "You Can Can".  Love it. 

Then back to the park to knit another couple of rows. 

What a glorious day it was!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall 2011 - The Final Harvest???

The cool air as arrived.  The Zinnias are still fabulous. Note to self: Plant more next year. 

Cara and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Lady Jane swing this summer and Mom has been going crazy with the leaf blower keeping the courtyards clear of debris. 

The new Cabana was a huge hit with guests and locals as it seemed everyone I talked to in town mentioned it.  "Bernadine, what took you so long?" 

Mom was here for a week and we made our first homemade spaghetti sauce using tomatoes from her garden and mine.  An assortment of herbs were added that a friend in town gave to me.  Delicious!  We also made truffles together for the first time.  Mom enjoyed that and was a huge help.  And let's not forget the batch of Strawberry Jam.  What would I do without her?  She is like my best friend!  I love you Mom! We also bought our "first" pasta from the new Pasta store downtown.  They have pasta shaped like all kinds of things.  The ribbon pasta is the prettiest.  Trying the spinach basil garlic fettuccine!

Guests will be enjoying Strawberry Pie and Brownies this weekend.

In November we go to Tampa for a vacation.  Can't wait.  Just me and Mom and my sister will come down for the weekend.  Our goal is to visit all of the Tea Rooms in Tampa.  Gotta have a dream.  I believe there are 8.  We are targeting 6 of the Tea Rooms.

I've been working on the "Master Knitters Program".  I have to do a report on blocking.  I was nervous about this because I've always avoided blocking unless it was lace.  In any case the first item went so well I started blocking all of my knitting projects that I was always too afraid to.  I guess I worried about shrinkage, damaging the fiber, colors running, etc.  All of these items look much better now.

The Teddy Bear Sunflowers were fantastic but only lasted a few weeks.  It was fun watching the Yellow Finches eating from them.

I will definitely do them again next year just for the Finches. 

God bless and have a Blessed Fall!

"Bernadine the Garden Queen"