Friday, November 25, 2011

Tea Room Tour 2011

Well we did it!  Mom and I set a goal to visit six Tea Rooms in Tampa in six days and we did it!

"You gotta have a dream to have a dream come true"

That's how it  started during one of Moms visits with me last summer.  I was looking through a "Tea Room" magazine and noticed that Tampa FL has several Tea Rooms in or close by Tampa. 
So, this November we flew to Tampa, stayed at a lovely condo at Sailport, rented a black Crown Victoria, turned on the Garmin and began a terrific adventure!

The first to visit was "The Royal Tea Room"

What a great way to start.  Each Tea Room had it's own style and their own specialty tea sandwiches and finger pastries.  Even the scones were different at each Tea Room. 

Prices ranged from $16.95/guest to $20.95

Each room had a variety of hats to use, because of course you have to wear a fancy hate while taking tea.

A List of the Tea Rooms we visited:
The Royal Tea Room & Gift Shoppe, Tampa, FL
Tea Rose Cottage, Ybor, FL
Camellia Rose Tea Room and boutique, Plant City, FL
Simply Country Gifts & Southern Belles Tea Room, Plant City, FL
Milk N Honey Tea room, Tampa, FL
The Empress Tea Room & Bistro, Tampa, FL

Each Tea Room was unique.  They had their special finger sandwiches, scones and pastries.  We love the presentation. When they set the 3 tier tray on the table they get to go over all their specialties.  It's great.

Most served a variety of teas, some served the "tea of the day" which was fine as well.  I mean, after all, that is how they do it in England...right?!

This was a lovely tea room.  Can you see the swan cream puffs on the top tier of the tray?  Simply beautiful.

Of course we couldn't resist the cabana on the beach after all that hard work.  Lucky for me they were selling soft pretzels.  Love those soft pretzels!

Plan a Tea Room visit with someone you love!  You will love it.  Bring a hat!

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  1. Dear Bernadine, Thank you for including us in your tea room tour. It was a pleasure to serve you and look forward to seeing you again;) Cheers, Keep Sippin!
    Camellia Rose Tea Room & Boutique